Saturday, February 17, 2007

Products I Like: AVG Anti Virus

For years, I have used McAfee for all of my anti-virus needs. I would like to say that it was because they were the name that I felt that I could trust, but, in truth, I believe that it came with one of my computers. Early on, you would by the software, and then be entitled to updates of the Virus Definition files until a new version of the software came along. But, like other AV products, McAfee implemented an annual subscription based model.

But then, they became much more than Anti Virus: they became a "Security Center." If you did not have all of their products, you were shown as having less than perfect condition by their software. That is, if anything, a power lesson in brand loyalty and simple suggestion that you are not safe.

Something deep inside me got mad. Mad that, before 1995, this was not even a business, and now we have to protect our computers just to check our emails. Then, along came AVG.

Currently at version 7.5, you can download and use for free. It is a full feature Anti Virus Software that automatically updates its virus definitions (also free). If you like the product, you can always purchase the commercial version, but, I think I like this version just fine.


Rick said...

Hi, Chuck - I'm with you on not wanting some piece of software to become obtrusive. It's almost like "we'll keep the viruses off by infecting you with our product instead" - it's like a flu shot, innoculating us with the spam we want instead of the spam we don't. Let us know how this one works - I've got something from CA @ work for both PCs here, but open to change.

James said...

I dumped McAffee in Spring of 2004. In June 2005 AND in June 2006 they automatically renewed me and charged me, even though I had performed a cancellation over the phone. They became a virus themselves....