Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jericho Nuked

Jericho was a CBS television show that I stumbled on to at the "Watch Now" web site. It chronicled what happens to the small town of Jericho after nuclear weapons are detonated across America.

As I posted earlier this week, survival movies work for me. But, obviously enough for the show to get renewed.

The season finale was this past week. The town of Jericho was defending itself against a nearby invading town. The war was being fought over farmlands and a salt mine. As the two sides square off, the screen goes black, and gun fire erupts. And then silence. The show is over.

This is my problem with shows. The "Cliff-hanger" finales. Then, when they get canceled, there is never a complete story. Even though 24 is getting thread bare (what ever you do, don't move to Bauer's LA), at least they tell a complete story. It's a cliche born out of the who shot Jr time frame and it needs to stop.

You wanna know how to get us drawn back for next season? Write good stories. Write interesting characters that we can get involved with. Do something different, stray from the formula (think Pulp Fiction or Momento). Just can the cliff-hangers and complete your major story threads by the last show. If I like you, I will be back next year.


LJ said...

Yes! "If you build it, they will come." But unfortunately, too many people will watch drivel regardless. Maybe because after one good season of writing, leading people to expect good shows, people will keep watching to see if it is going to get any better...I know I have done that with some book series.

Rick said...

I was thinking the same thing the other day. The only "cliffhanger" at the end needs to be some little nuanced lead-in to whatever next season's story might be. I've been watching HEROES from the beginning. And if there's a "to be continued..." before they blow up the world, I'll dump it.

Here's the other thing on my nerves. What's with the midseason hiatus? Start a series, go your 13-20 weeks, and then show reruns. You earned that timeslot, so keep it. HEROES viewership fell when they took off from Feb to Apr - well duh, people liked it and then had it taken away, so they'll find something else and might not come back.

Maybe someone needs to get a clue and have Hiro jump a shark, just for old times sake.