Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Snopes It, Please

I am taking submissions for a new Urban Legend Email that I would like to take credit for writing. In fact, I would like to get three or four, and then release them in the wild, and see if they ever come home. UL-Email, to me, is an art form. And like all art, is sometimes misunderstood. I see a simple beauty in knowing that your email will be read, and then forwarded to millions of people each day. Why waste time writing a novel only to never have it published, read and never appreciated when a good UL will cause grandparents to fret and worry and pass the message on? Ah, literary immortality: to become the J.R.R. Tolkien of Spam.

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Todd Vick said...

Try this one, and please take full credit: Please do not open any email with "Spyhunters" in the subject line. It will erase your hard drive, defrost your refrigerator, stop up your commode, beat your kids, and force you to believe Rush Limbaugh."

George said...

Good one Frog, but to qualify as an Urban Legend it can't be true.