Saturday, December 06, 2008

Height Differential

When your wife is five foot one, and you are six foot two, it makes taking photos difficult: I always appear to be towering over her.

DSCF1520I have picked up some "tricks" of the trade to help offset the difference. For example, I call this technique "The Prop and Lean."  I have used a tree to lean against, appearing relaxed and natural.

Techniques that did not work:

DSCF1515I call this the "stalker" technique. What I was hoping would happen is that if I positioned myself a little bit behind her, I would appear to be similar in height. I thought if it worked for Peter Jackson and his hobbits, maybe it would work for us.


This is the "lean to" or the "leaning tower" method. This is very simple in that all you do is give yourself a bit of a lean. It usually looks like you just ran into the frame (which, I think I had)

DSCF1514 This is an example of the "Hug" technique where I stand behind Cindy and give her an embrace. Unfortunately, this one also demonstrates the problem our height differential poses. This would have worked if I had the tripod raised a bit more.


So, the tree leaning technique worked remarkably well for us this go round. We took a quite a few pictures and did get some winners.


George said...

Hilarous post. Beautiful family. I like The Stalker technique, which is much better than calling it the Giant Wife technique.

Rick said...

Sporting the facial hair, too? Reminds me I need to shave. You guys look uber-sincere.

Chuck said...

I got such a good head start on the scrubbage, I thought I should see how long I could go before it drove me nutz.

Someone commented I was the evil Spock from the other Universe.

Steve said...

This is too funny! I, too, like the "stalker" photo. You should've had a sweatshirt on with the hood up to complete the look.

You do have a beautiful family, Chuck. God has richly blessed you.