Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Election Ads

With the Virginia elections right around the corner, the Campaign Ads are in full force. Most of them, I tune them out because they are utter nonsense. Really, imagine trying to sell any other product the way that Politicians sell themselves.

There is one type of ad that really cracks me up. If a candidate has served in the military, inevitably the line “he will fight for Norfolk they way he fought for America” just makes me giggle.

So, let’s carry this out. Literally.

Say the politician has been elected and sworn in. Then, one day things aren’t going so well for him. Now, it’s time to fight for Norfolk the way he fought for America…Out comes the grenade and the pin is pulled - “Fire in the hole” Boom!!

Only a couple of more weeks and we will finally be able to wash the mud off of the TV.


Rick said...

Sometimes the candidate that speaks the most highly of his/her opponent, delineating differences while not accusing the other side of the Apocalypse - that's the one to vote for.

James said...

Looking forward to midterms next year. Should provide us with some really ugly campaign ads.