Friday, January 13, 2006

Morning Coffee

5:45am - My Cuisinart DGB600 kicks off, grinding the coffee beans that I had carefully measured the night before. The ground coffee is deposited into the basket, and shortly thereafter, water begins to pass between the coffee, the filter and into the thermal decanter below.

5:51am - "Beeps of happiness" chime, alerting any sleepy heads remaining in bed that a hot, fresh beverage awaits them.

6:01am - Showered, shaved, dressed and ready to go, I come down to the fresh aroma of hazelnut that fills my kitchen. I love my coffee. And even though I will drink coffee throughout the day, the first pot in the morning is always the best.


Rick said...

hi, stranger - had noticed you wandering thru the blogosphere, and now you've got you own piece of the pie. brilliant!

Chuck said...

woo hoo.

I have several other attempts out there, but to be honest, I did not like the content management or the comment management.

BTW - love your blog man. This reminds me of English creative writing. Just a little bit each day to exercise the brain.

James said...

I seem to recall from the 222 days that you were unfit for human contact prior to your A.M. java intake. I was the same way. Some things don't change.