Thursday, January 19, 2006

Multiple Netflix Queue

I see that Rick has posted a bit about his Netflix queue over at Good Coffee. I have been with Netflix since January of 2000: does anyone remember the yellow and black website (Irmo HS colors, yuck)? I miss the “it’s in the mail” feature. After you mail your disc back, you’d go online and select this feature next to the returned disc and your next queued disc was process. I know, personally, that I may have fibbed it a bit so that my delivery times would be quicker (after all, back then, there were no local distribution centers. They all came from California).

The feature that I like most is the multiple queues. I actually resisted queues. All of my movies went into one big stinking pile. The problem was, I would reorder my queue so much, some of my choices were in queue limbo. Not only that, if you put a series disc in your queue, you would get a deluge of that series (which, can get overwhelming).

I currently have four queues (I am still on the original four our at a time plan): New Releases, Series, Family Movie Night and movies Cindy does not want to see. Each one is limited to one out at a time. Before, I had to manage my Family Movie Night movies to make sure that an appropriate movie had been queued to the top. No longer to I get the series flood (and I am thankful, because the Greatest American Hero did not hold up over time). Cindy and I get to watch the movies that we couldn’t really afford to go see in the theater (tickets, $25…concessions, $25…babysitter for two girls for four hours $30…seeing a stinker of a film after paying $80…priceless).

So, if you are a Netflixer and have not taken advantage of the multiple queues, check them out.


Rick said...

good sell on multi-queues, chuck - and isn't it funny that there's a set of movies our wives don't want to see, but we'll watch anything - hmm?

Todd said...

I still like the feeling of walking into Blockbuster, flashing my card, and checking out the New Releases. Call me old fashioned.

Chuck said...

The thing that I don't like about the multi-queues is that it really was designed for multiple people. I would like to see them implement (ooops...there goes the code geek in me) a similar idea, but, to be able to sub-divide your queue (similar to what I am doing). My current method typically involves loging into the other queue. blech.