Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's a BF2 World

I have written about this before, but, I love the Battlefield series of computer games. I have met some really good friends from playing Battlefield, and some of these I have never met in real life. Ever since getting my Xbox 360, my play time has gone to zilch on the computer.

After getting lost, I stopped into Circuit City to shop for a GPS System and to find out how much getting my inlaws connected to broadband would cost. As it turns out, Hamburg NY is being connected with Verizon Fiber, and their Adelphia cable is becoming Comcast at the end of the month. Perhaps now is not the time to make a switch to broadband because there are some new options coming in a few short months.

So, I was talking with the Circuit City CSR about Fiber and relating a story that Henry, a verizon fiber customer, told me. Henry said that he can download a movie from Verizon and they will throttle open his connection full bore for 24 hours. So, during that 24 hours he can download like a mad man. And then I added, "or play the mess out of Battlefield 2."

I use words like mess as substitute words. Bill Cosby once had a skit about using replacement words because you don't want to swear in front of the kids ("What the filth flarn flarn filth are you doing?"). I can't turn it off.

The Circuit City employee immediately lit up and told me he played Battlefield, and immediately went to a terminal and brought up his stats. They were impressive. He asked for my nickname (Swampy*Fox, ala Francis Marion), and knowing that my stats stink, I considered giving him Paul's nick. But, I owned up to mine, and got invited to come over to play at a weekly gaming session that his group holds. Unfortunately, I can't, but thanks for the invite.

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Paul said...

Ha! *My stats*? I'm sure he would have gotten a grin out of how much I haven't been playing lately, more than anything else. That being said, I have played this week a few times and have been enjoying the Armored Fury expansion pack.

Maybe I'll catch you guys online for some gg'ing soon!