Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I hate to admit it, but I got lost yesterday. Sure, I can paint it with nice words by saying I got turned around, but no matter how I try to spin it, I was lost.

It started with everyone going in seperate directions for the morning. My father in law was teaching violin lessons all day, the kids were off to VBS and Cindy and her mom went shopping. That left me with free time.

After a quick call to my NY Pal Lorne and a skate around the neighborhood, I hopped in my car in search of a Borders bookstore. I had been there before on previous visits to Western NY, and was convinced that I was on the right path. However, once I started hitting toll roads and signs that said "4 miles to downtown Buffalo," I realized that I was not in Kansas anymore. I tried to backtrack, but missed some crucial turns and finally got off the interstate. Lost.

I called my mother in law for some advice, but, you know how that is. I had no idea were I was except a street name. So, I struck out east until I came to the town of Cheektawaga. There at the corner was Starbucks. Time for some liquid refreshment. The thing about Starbucks is that, compared to McDonalds, the Baristas genuinely appear happy to see you. I've been in them all along the east coast, and I don't think I've come across a crabby barista. So, I ordered my Verona, and casually asked, in my Sean Connery Voice (I love doing this voice), "So, Pretty Penny, how does a double-o agent get to Orchard Park." Luckily, I stuck the imitation, laughter ensued, and then they said, "wow, you must be lost." Returning back to Connery, "No, I am merely turned around."

So, armed with coffee, and set of directions and successfully found my way back. I did not get to Borders. But, I did get to Circuit City. Second best destination.


Paul said...


Nice post. Although I admit I clicked the header thinking that you'd go on and on about how we are Lost this summer without Lost airing weekly. *grin*

Paul said...

I forgot to add, the other thing I like about Starbucks is the consistency of the 'experience' I get wherever I go... much like McDonald's.

Does that makes Starbucks the fastfood of Coffee? hehe.

Chuck said...

I think that the consistency ratio that you get at Starbucks is far higher than what you get at McDonalds. However, to be fair, McDonalds is making more than made to order coffee. However, the thing that turns me off to Mickey D's is how their product never looks like the product picture. Also, for the most part, the Starbucks Staff dominates customer service.