Sunday, November 19, 2006

Almost Turkey Day

Well, after some of the more serious topic post of late, it is time to turn onto one of my favorite holidays of the year: Thanksgiving. For the past six years, the Gang and I hop into the car and travel down to spend Wednesday night and Thanksgiving Day with my Grandmother Morton in Myrtle Beach, SC. My Grandmother's house is the same house that her dad and brothers built way back in 19**. She will never tell me the exact date. Hmm. Mom and Dad join us on the big day. Between Parades, Football, Eating and Uno marathons, Cindy and I let our belts out a notch and go catch a movie down in Myrtle Beach. I think this year, I might give up and just wear sweats. I would like to go see the new Bond flick, but Cindy is leading more towards "Stranger than Fiction." On Friday, we cross over to Columbia and on Saturday we take a day trip over to Evans Georgia to visit my Grandmother Bryan. Hopefully, I will be able to catch some of the Carolina - Clemson game. It would be great to close the season with a win. We have come soooo close against big teams. We need to win this one. Finally, on Sunday, we repack the car and head back to Chesapeake.


James said...

Wow - what a whirwind holiday weekend! Post your movie review on 4th Row, whatever you end up seeing. I want to see Stranger - maybe next weekend. As it happens, Casino Royale is a better Bond that some of the Connery ones. No Q this time out.

Rick said...

Same me a drumstick!

So are you planning on swinging by on your way out of town Friday for a cuppa to go?

Anonymous said...

Bond vs. Ferrell. Hmmmm...will the overstuffed mind be able to make such an important decision.

Casino Royale has M but no Q. Since when do the British have creative control of our own alphabet?

Chuck said...

They have controlled our alphabet ever since that whole revolutionary war thing. Immediately after Yorktown, they started throwing in Random "U" in various words (humour, labour), started calling Trucks "Lorrys" and made Ph sound like F. What is up with that? Why not just use F. And don't get me started on C's that sound like K's. I really wanted to be a Fisiks major in college, but I just couldn't spell the word.