Tuesday, November 28, 2006


For some reason, lately, I have been waking up around four in the morning. I wonder if, perhaps, I am in a suspense movie wherein the main character wakes up at the same time just prior to some horrific event.

Or, it could be LJ's fault for getting me hooked onto "A Song of Ice and Fire," George R. R. Martin's Epic fantasy that when all is said and done will span seven books. I have just finished "A Game of Thrones" and am almost two hundred pages into the second. Personally, I think LJ knew I needed something other than .NET periodicals to read in my free time, and I appreciate that. I find myself grabbing the book to find out what happens next.

Maybe, my restlessness is caused by worries at work. As my company has grown, I have been given more "manager-like" duties. I feel responsible for more projects and employees and consultants than I ever have before (besides my days Assistant Managing at the Ye Olde Blockbuster). Even though this may be cliche, the hardest part is delegating. I never understood why it would be so hard until now: it's like admitting you can not do a task, not because it is hard, but, because you no longer have as much time to devote to that task.

However, I think that the reason I woke up so early this morning was due to the shipment from Coffee Whiz that I received yesterday. My shipment included Mocha Java, Winter Carnival, Perfectly Pumpkin, German Chocolate Cake and Holiday Blend. Last night, I had a cup of Winter Carnival, perhaps not a good idea. I have just finished a cup of German Chocolate Cake and am enjoying the slight aftertaste of coconut. I am spoiling myself with the Keuring K-cup system.


Rick said...

If my wife finds out that there's a German Choc coffee, we may never get her off the juice... gotta keep that one a secret.

Chuck said...

The German Choc is my favorite sweet coffee now!!! I am looking forward to my SG Christmas social here at La Casa De Bryan so I can roll it out.