Monday, December 24, 2007

Chuck vs. the TV Series

Have you seen the show Chuck yet? My life is exactly like that (add about 15 years, throw in a wife and two kids and nix the entire FBI/CIA/Computer in the brain angle). I have mostly relegated the show to Tivo and catching up when I can. To date, I like it but at the same time I could live without it. Why? Because each episode tells a complete story – there is very little story arc. One of the other NBC shows that I was looking forward to was the Bionic Woman. I have yet to really care about any of the characters in this show. That's a shame because this show has many of the creative team from Battlestar Galactica, which is my favorite show (except for the fact that it is an even longer hiatus, thanks to the strike).

The show that I have enjoyed the most is Journeyman. Have you caught any of this? Too bad, because it looks like it did not get picked up. Journeyman has joined the ranks of Firefly, Jericho and Space: Above and Beyond as one season hits that had so much potential (I think Jericho was revived thanks to the fan base sending tons of peanuts to CBS execs in NY and LA). Journeyman was about a man, Dan, who suddenly begins to travel back in time. The phenomenon is completely out of his control and is preceded by headaches. His wife comes to believe that her husband is not crazy when, in the past, he buries his wedding ring underneath the spot where his patio would be built twenty years later. Dan's brother, a cop, thinks that Dan's unexplained absences are due to an old gambling habit. Whenever Dan is pulled back, there is someone whom he is supposed to help. Hints are given that may indicate that there is someone coordinating the travel, but sadly, we will never know.

Catch it on DVD (or if it should repeat).


George said...

Bummer, I was DVRing that show (Journeyman) for a while, but had heard it wasn't any good, so I deleted them all. I'm with you regarding Bionic Woman, plus she could be hotter. Chuck is pretty good, but I'm not hooked yet. My favorite show these days is "Survivorman" on Discovery, but "How I met your mother" a sitcom on CBS is one of the best shows I've seen in a while. Hilarious script, attractive actors, and great interweaving of episodes. In my opinion, its the best qualities of Seinfeld, Frazier, and Friends all rolled up into something new...or newish.

Chuck said...

I've been hooked on "How I met your Mother" for a couple of seasons. I agree with the summarization of the characters. Barney Rules. So...Suit Up.

Steve said...

I'm looking forward to watching "fresh" television again. Armed Forces Network had pretty slim pickings.
Just to let you know how slim, I just "discovered" The King of Queens. That's a funny show. Too bad it's over now.

Chuck said...

Steve - When I was in Okinawa Cindy and I actually looked forward to "Major Dad", "Family Matters" and "Step By Step." The sad part was, when we left, ST:TNG was on season 5. I saw the cliff hanger and went to Okinawa were they were on season three. By the time we got to season five, I was transferring back. And then the show had finished its seventh season. It took me forever to find season six episode 1 just to see how that one ended.