Wednesday, December 26, 2007

[ht to Rick for his license plate post]

I believe Cindy's favorite gift that I gave was a personalized license plate. To be honest, this was not an item that I had intended to give as a gift. I had to renew her tags at the end of the month, and I decided to look at what combinations were available for the Horse Enthusiast plate.

Some of the combinations I tried (but were taken) were
What I had planned to give her was a replacement license plate holder. I wanted to find a cute horsey one. I took the girls out to let them choose. Katie picked "Happiness is owning a Horse." As I was wrapping the holder up, it hit me. Print up the image above and tape it into the holder. And then, the coupe de grace was signing the package "To Mom" "From Bandit."

I believe Cindy was floored.


Rick said...

My wife and I would've gone with BRNPOO - but yours will probably cause less trouble. Hope you guys had a relaxing holiday.

George said...

I would have tried...