Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Weighing In

Last night was my second weigh-in, and I am back on the Weight Watchers plan. A few years back, I topped the scales at around 260. I wanted to blame the weight on being a stress eater, but, truth time here: I just like to eat. Even after getting down to 195, I still like to eat. Weight Watchers helped me to know how much I can eat and still maintain that weight. Of course, I fall into the trap of figuring out a meal that meets my points requirements and then I have that combination: every day!

Now that I've added 20 pounds to the frame it's time to deal with 20 (instead of forty, or sixty). The hardest part was going in last week – being a lifetime member who is a repeat offender. That was my pride getting in the "weigh" (sorry). Last night's saw 2 pounds off – so I am heading in the right direction. And, 2 pounds per week is "safe," but I will not count on that number for each week.

Todd, I am right there with you!

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Martha said...

It happens to all of us :(. But good for you for going to WW. I am on the exercise bike and ignoring the scale. It would just be too depressing. As long as Jim notices that certain places are getting smaller I know I'm going in the right direction!