Monday, June 02, 2008

Your All Clear Kid!

My Ebay glasses arrived today: three remained in mint condition, but alas, Darth Vader did not survive the transit. Apparently, the Rebellion attacked the glass using snub fighters. Navigating along the surface of the glass,they fired a proton torpedo into a drinking port approximately two centimeters wide. Prior to the sortie, one pilot proclaimed the task to be impossible. But new comer Luke Skywalker pointed out that it wasn't impossible, bragging that he used to bullseye "Shot Glasses" back home.


Steve said...

Noticed Grand Moff Tarkin is staring at you ominously from the wreckage that was once your glass. Probably for the best. I found that water from the Darth Vader glass tasted just a little "off."

James said...

Tragic! That was a classic glass!