Friday, August 22, 2008

In Charleston

This one is for Rick. I am staying at the Garden Inn Hotel in Charleston. I spy the business office, and all I can think about is firing off a quick post.

We are here for the Dave Ramsey Live event. We drove down with our buds, Ron and Sheila. You would be surprised how quickly eight hours flies by when you don't have the kiddos in tow. Ok, so, a little parental freedom for the weekend. You understand, right?

We ate at Hyman's Seafood. Cindy and I split a flounder. Typically, you get a little fillet, but this was the whole thing (minus the head and the gooey parts). It was awesome, but, we could not finish the monster. I also had a grit cake: similar to a crab cake, but you replace the crab with grits.

We walked around the market area a bit and the girls shopped a bit. I was supposed to come down to get some change for the soda machine, but I had to fire off a post.



Rick said...

gotta do watchya gotta do.

George said...

MMmmmmmmm, Hyman's Seafood. My favorite.