Sunday, August 24, 2008

Total Money Makeover Live Event: Charleston

We've just pulled in from our trip down to Charleston, South Carolina. We attended the TMM Live Event, and Dave was just awesome in person. I would say that about 80 – 95% of what was said was right from the FPU course, but to be in an auditorium with 5,000 plus people was just fantastic. There is one slide in which he demonstrates compound interest using an example of Ben and Arthur. The point of the slide is that you need to start early. Ben, you invests $2,000 each year from age 19 – 26 and it grows to $2, 288, 996 by age 65. Ben, who starts at age 27, invests $2,000 from 27 until he is 65 and his investment never grows past $1,532,166. Dave asks those who are under 20 to raise their hands. He told them that if they understand and apply just this one principal, he just made them a millionaire, maybe twice over. He asked those who were 40 and over to raise their hands. He then addressed the 20 year olds and said, I think these people want to tell you something, something along the lines of "Do It!" And everyone just shouted "Do it" with one voice and it just shook the place.

Now, that come right from the FPU videos, but, to be in the arena and being able to shout it out was great.

I had forgotten how much I like Charleston: from the great seafood at Hymans till that perpetual urine smell near Market Street. But we had fun walking around till 11:00. Unfortunately, the trip is over, but, I am so fired up to start FPU again on September 11th.

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