Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another New Pony

Last week, I visited our new leased horse. A nice family is leasing us a pony, but the sweetness of the deal is that it is $15.00 per ride with a max cap of $125. So, it is not really a lease in the sense of the word, but the arrangement is very fair. Mom and Dad were with us, so they took a bunch of photos and they snapped this casual picture of Cindy and me outside of Mooney's paddock.

Mooney is not the pony that we are leasing. That would be Cocoa, seen below. Katie has been riding since she was six. For much of the time, she was riding Hunter Seat style and was learning some very good skills. However, the type of horses and ponies that she was riding were very, very expensive. Also, Katie was developing some very good fundamentals in both riding and jumping, but, she was not getting much in the way of horseman ship. The route that we have taken has helped her to become independant in tacking the horse and proper care. Last April, she was awarded her D2 rating in the US Pony Club. Hopefully, but the end of the year, we will have saved enough to buy a used truck that we can take our pony to various events.


Rick said...

Photo of you and Cindy at the top looks like a flashback to an old NBC Movie of the week with Kris Kristofferson / James Brolin and Stephanie Zimbalist / Lisa Hartman. Ah, those pseudo-westerns were great, weren't they?

Cammi's taken into ice skating. If she see's your photos of Katie and the horse, I might have to work out a lease arrangement with a zamboni.

Steve said...

Where's your hat cowboy! You two look so cool standing by that horse. Horses are awesome.

Chuck said...

That horse is a gelding who thinks he's a stud. That sounds like a great title for a country song. Maybe Alan and George can write up a diddy for that.