Saturday, September 06, 2008

Unbelievable Strength

I do not write much about my sister or my brother. Both committed suicide during their teen years, and twenty six years later it is still difficult to even talk about. Recently, while in Charleston, I had connected via Facebook with my sister's best friend. Her note hit me like a bolt, and I stood next to the Market Place, holding my friend's, Ron, Ipod Touch, with a stunned look on my face, and tears in my eyes.

It was an opportunity to tell Ron.

For the people that I do tell, I know it is difficult for them to know what to say. And it is here that I usually try to steer the topic to something else. However, this time, it was different. I had been doing calculations in my head to determine how old my mom and dad were. They were thirty-nine when my sister died.

I am now older than my parents when their first child died. With two daughters of my own, I can not even comprehend how they survived one, let alone two. My brother died six years later.

It was a hard lot that they were dealt. Mom and Dad are the strongest people that I know.

I love you both.


Rick said...

Just a quick admiring note - you've got great strength, probably tempered with everything you've gone through. That plays well for your family now in ways that will probably continue to surprise and overwhelm you from time to time. You're a reflection of that from your parents, too, I am sure.

Martha said...

Interesting how we don't seem to give ourselves credit for how strong we really are. I am very guilty of this. I know you are a strong person too Chuck. And I cannot imagine the amount of suffering that your family has endured. I am proud of you old friend for being the person you are. Via con dios.

Todd said...

Chuck, I consider myself honored to have sat in my driveway with you in the old Chevette while you spoke of this with me. I just listened, it was all I could do.

Now I see you as a father and a husband and as one of the men who I am most proud to call my friend, and for whom I have great admiration of your strength and character.