Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hearos Extreme Ear Filters 7 Pair Standard

Do you still follow Heroes? Yeah, me too. But, this post isn’t about the Monday night show about flying congressmen (hey, wouldn’t that really be cool in real life). Instead, it is about mockingbirds.

To be more specific, the mocking bird that lives in my bradford pear tree. Yes, that’s right, the very one that is next to my bedroom. The location is only pertinent due to the fact that Max (my name for the bird) decides to sing at 2:30 am. Everyday. Like clockwork.

Thankfully, I have little foamy ear plugs that you can roll into a tight tube and then insert into your ears. As the foam material returns to its normal shape, it provides a barrier to Max’s serenades. Fortunately, I had a pair to spare for my wife (who also has been woken by the miscreant).

These little foamy ear plugs have become our hearoes.

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