Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a Relief

With Easter just having passed, and a lot of yard work to do, I have had plenty of times to think about my beliefs. Do you ever have these long dialogues with yourself as you work through some things? I do. Even to the point of imagining that I am speaking to someone else. If I am not careful, my thoughts become very audible as I speak out loud to an imaginary friend.

What I have to admit to myself, is that I sometimes get caught up in pride. That somehow, I have God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit pretty much figured out, and I leave it at that.

The part that is still an absolute mystery to me is how some people are just *absolutely* in love with them. And I wonder why I don’t feel that way. Perhaps I am caught in my own dogma of having “figured” them out.

Again, just being honest, I forget that Jesus spent his life with the type of people that I would probably not have hung around with. Those “undesirables” were the ones he came for, and they were the ones he built his church with. And, to top it off, I am still a little hung up about the rules. I want to “do” right so that, you know, the world can see my faith.

What a relief to know that I can admit to myself (out there, while cutting grass) that I don’t have God quite so figured out. And, about all those rules…there are only two that really matter: Love God, and Love People. Even the kind that I might not hang with, because He loves them the same way He loves me.


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