Friday, June 26, 2009

Governor Sanford and Conan

Heard on Conan Last night:

I still cannot get over Governor Sanford’s press conference yesterday. Did you watch it? Who watched it? That was unbelievable. At a press conference yesterday, if you don't know, South Carolina governor  Mark Sanford admitted having a mistress from Argentina. That’s right. Yea. Then, there was an awkward moment as he waited for someone to give him a high five.

They say he may have broken the law because he left the country without transferring power to his Lieutenant Governor. Apparently Sanford violated South Carolina’s sacred “bros before hos” law.

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Martha said...

I watched the press conference and I actually feel sorry for all involved. This is obviously not a fling, the man looks heartbroken, terribly conflicted, and in love.

I have some real empathy here. While I haven't screwed something up this bad ever, I can see how it can happen.