Friday, July 17, 2009

Six Years and Counting

Yesterday, the company that I work for recognized those of us who have been with the company for five years. It was actually six years for the ones being recognized, but that was because they did not have a town hall meeting (the venue where such recognitions take place).

Six years is a long time. I had turned thirty-five and was leaving a company that I had worked five years. During those six years, we have gone from nine people to over one-hundred (just in the development shop) and moved locations three times. I miss the days of nine people – it felt much more start up and there was this creative factor. There is still a lot of creativity, but, as a company we have grown up, and sometimes it feels that the creativity got stifled.

I also learned what I am best at doing. I was promoted all the way up to a Director level position. It did not work out for me, and I gave it up after a year and a half. I am at my best when I am learning and teaching and doing new stuff. I still have a manager title, but I am much more hands on the code.

Not wanting to predict the next five, but here’s hoping to see the company at 10.


Rick said...

Would be 20yrs for me this coming May 2010 in the same company. Congrats on making it the long-haul-so-far, and moreso on finding your sweet spot.

Alan said...

I agree with Rick. Finding what you are gifted at is a... is a gift.? You know what I mean.