Sunday, July 19, 2009

Annual Trip to Hamburg

Yesterday, we made the trek from south eastern Virginia to western New York. Not quite the road trip that Jay and Mike are making (cross country, in case you haven’t been following), but, still, it is quite the haul for a family of four.

This year we took our Pony Puller, which would be the Sequoia. It was fun this time because we were listening to Dave Ramsey AND driving in our paid for car that was achieved by following his advice.

We joked that when asked what kind of mileage we should have a funny response:

Miles? We prefer to measure in yards.


31….31,000 Yards to the Gallon.

This year, instead of talking about stopping at the Monroeville Mall, we actually did it. The mall is significant only in that it was “the mall” for Dawn of the Living Dead. Of course, it looked like a regular mall, and had a fairly lousy food court. However, the novelty was fun.

We arrived in town around 10:45 and enjoyed waking up this morning to a cool Western New York morning.


Alan said...

Chuck, Are you on a writer's strike or something? Enquiring minds want to know your business! Hope you are well, Pal.

James said...

Isn't it great not having a car payment?