Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The best part of giving a gift…

Is wrapping it.

During those moments when you are picking out the right paper, hunting down another roll of tape and finding the scissors you are thinking about the gift recipient.

When you fold the paper so that the seam is perfectly centered, you imagine handing the gift over to your loved one.

Creasing the corners so that a tight and neat end is formed just right, the curious look on the face of the receiver plays in your mind as they try to guess what might be underneath the paper.

Once the gift has been wrapped and placed underneath the tree, you envision the smile of delight as the paper falls away.

Don’t wait till the last minutes to wrap your gifts. In a moment, the paper will be discarded into the bin, and with it, the anticipation of the giving.

Enjoy it, don’t rush it. Make the time.

Merry Christmas.


Rick said...

I'm not quite the wrapper - I try, and it's fun to watch them open. But
I'd kill something trying to get your corners, I think.

James said...

Very nice essay. Personally I enjoy wrapping gifts, and as early as possible. I like to tempt and tease those in my household. What could it be? And no, you can't open it early!

Alan said...

For me, once the wrapping is complete I always wonder, "Did I remove the price tag?".