Friday, December 18, 2009

What’s your Representative Doing?

This post is not meant to be the ramblings of a Conservative Republican, but, do you know what your representative in congress is doing? Every night, we hear about Congress doing this or that, but have you ever thought about that there is only one person you really care about? That’s right! The representative from your district. That representative is the person speaking FOR YOU. Even if you did not vote for the person, they are still representing you before the house.

So, what is your Representative doing?

Each member of Congress has a web site. I highly recommend getting on your Representative’s email list. My Representative, Randy Forbes, sends out regular emails about his position on the issues.

Here is an example from his email that came last night:

Opposing $447-Billion in Federal Spending

Congressman Forbes voted against the conference report on H.R. 3288, the Fiscal Year 2010 Omnibus Spending bill that funds six departments of the federal government. The bill increased spending by $50 billion over last year's budget, and increased the base funding for the departments by 12 percent at a time when American families are being forced to cut back.
The legislation passed by a vote of 221-202.

Calling for Answers on Decision to Try Terrorists in the U.S.

Congressman Forbes joined with fellow members of the House Judiciary Committee and Armed Services Committee in cosponsoring resolutions of inquiry, H.Res.920 and H.Res. 924, to force Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Defense to release documents related to the Administration’s decision to try 9/11 conspirators in federal court in New York City. Congressman Forbes said "The American public deserves to know the potential ramifications of relocating and trying terrorists in the United States."
H.Res.920 failed by a vote of 20-13.

Restoring Fiscal Responsibility in Washington

Congressman Forbes voted in favor of repealing the Troubled Asset Relief bailout program (TARP), and directing any unspent or new bailout towards reducing the national debt. House Majority leadership proposed an increase of the national debt limit this week as a result of increased government spending.
The Motion failed by a vote of 190-232

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