Friday, February 24, 2006

Coffe Mugs: fine!

Here is the final posting of coffee mug series. Trivial Pursuit was the game that got the most play time with my High School pals. Julie L. gave each of us this mug for Christmas, and somehow, it has remained unbroken for twenty years. Perhaps I have unknowingly taken better care of this mug, because like the stone pile near the Jordon, this mug is a memorial of the friends that God gave to me when I needed them the most.

Cindy and I pray about friendships. I have come to discover that in order for friendships to grow, you have to spend time in that garden: working it, watering it and weeding it. These are skills that I have, but I like so many people, I just don’t know where the time can come from. You know the chorus to this song: I work, I have kids, I’m tired (and so it goes). So I look for those “couple friends.” We have a “couple” friends that God has literally moved back into our lives and our neighborhood. We don’t seem to have the time to invest in the friendship because I know they are singing the same song! Sometimes, I am the arrogant one who only half wants to be there and half wants to be somewhere else. How stinky is that?

I have lost my friendship building skillz. I am not talking about work friendships. Those are easy to maintain because so much of my day is spent with them. Not virtual, online relationships that I have with other BF2 Gamers. We have a common interest and we enjoy sharing in that interest. But, people that I know casually through Church or in the neighborhood, that’s a different story. Those are the ones that are ripe for growing into something much more meaningful than just a friendly wave and a nice smile.

P.S. Just saw todays Dilbert. Oh, how I relate.


Todd said...

While what you say is true, I am thankful that with friends like you, we can always just pick up where we left off. I have never had great numbers of friends, but the few that I have, such as yourself, I treasure. Hang in there, Carlos.

Rick said...

i remember those mugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now, where did i put mine...?

James said...

I will be your friend, Charles. BTW, not only do I remember THOSE mugs, I remember THAT very one up in the cupboard in 222!