Thursday, February 23, 2006


What I am going to write about is a bit different from usual, because tonight I am a bit melancholy. I think that I am coming to a parting of ways with a group of guys that I have hung out with online for several years. We got to know each other because of an online game (Battlefield 1942) and have been playing on thursday nights for a couple of years. One of the guys I know from a previous job, and everyone else somehow knew someone else in the group.

I realize that meloncholy is a bit dramatic. Ok, use bummed then. No matter. Part of the realization is that, beyond the game, I have little or nothing in common anymore with these guys. I don't really enjoy the game anymore. I really don't have relationships with other people outside of work. I admit that I am a home body, and so these online friendships have been really "convenient."

Things will look better in the morning over a hot cup of Joe. I've taken the day off and will take the girls out and about. Myabe take them out to a flick and give mom some much needed "Cindy Time."

Also, tommorrow I will post the last of my coffee mugs. This one will be a "nostalgia" mug that I have had since my senior year (1986).



Rick said...

posted this just for you.

i hope this doesn't sound too hokey, but are you guys involved in a church? are there small groups, meeting in folks' homes or coffeeshops or something like that? that's one idea for some sort of together-hood. another is getting kids involved in sports, sitting with other moms and dads and watching them play. book club? movie group?

hope you find someplace with some someones to connect with in real space, sir.

Chuck said...

Not hokey at all, you really have hit the nail square on the head. Those are things that I feel that I should be doing.

I will say that, now that it is AM and I have had a chance to sleep on it, I am not so bluesy over it.

Thank you for the encouragement!