Saturday, February 11, 2006

Earthworm Week!

This week was Earthworm Week at the Chesapeake Campus of the Bryan Academy. Everything that a child could possibly learn about a worm was unconvered. Did you know that a worm is both male and female? That a worm has five hearts? As Cindy was preparing her lesson plans this week, she included going to a bait shop so that the girls could get some hands on experience with really big-n-fat worms.

The grand finale of Worm Week was going to be a dissection. One of the lucky critters was going to be sacrificed in the name of science. So, Cindy was excited about this, the girls were excited, but something did not quiet sit right with me. It took me a while to figure it out, but it came to me at dinner tuesday night.

"Cindy, how are you going to kill the worm?"

She gave me that "thousand yard" stare that indicated to me that this was the one part of Worm Week that had not been thought through. And, at that moment, the girls realized that by dissecting the worm, they would be killing the worm.

The dissection activity was cancelled and replaced with a cooking activity: Gummy Worms and Dirt. Yummy.


Rick said...

whew - thanks for the posting fix :)

now, as for the worm - big knife works best, if you can figue out which end is the head.

Rick said...

wait - i meant gummies, not real ones. sheesh.

Todd said...

Why not go fishing?

James said...

I like Todd's suggestion - let the fish kill the worm. (Can't you mail order dead worms?)