Saturday, October 28, 2006


I came across this trailer for the upcoming film Death of a President, which tells the story of the fictional assassination of the president Bush. I have learned quite a bit this year about my beliefs, be them about politics or about faith. I have learned that if I fundamentally disagree with a fictional account about how the second century church fabricated what we know today about Christianity I will be told "It's only Fiction!" This film tells me that, apparently, it is ok to take any current political figure and create a snuff film about their assassination. It is abhorrent to me, but possibly it is pure candy to others who so viciously hate a man they have never met. But remember, say it with me, "It's only Fiction!"

Censorship is not the answer. It should not have to be. There was a time when a film about the assassination of a standing president would be unacceptable. When I was in the Air Force, I believed that I could tell my superiors anything as long as I proceeded it with "With All Due Respect." Turns out, you can't. And in the same vein, just because you tell me it's fiction, does not mean I have to find it acceptable.

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