Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Like any good football game, our 20th high school reunion had it's tailgate party at the abode of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson. I couldn't believe how many of us were able to attend: George, Alan, Rick, Jay, Chris, Todd and Robert. I really regret that I did not bring Cindy along with me. As part of her birthday presents, I took the kids with me to South Carolina and gave her a weekend off. But I missed sharing this part of my past with her. These guys were an important part of my life, and they stood beside when my sister died. We participated together in all night movie marathons, bad cigars and acts of teenage goofiness, lovingly referred to as ploys. It seems that the only thing that has really changed in the past twenty years is our age: we are basically the same personalities. I enjoyed meeting the guys' wives; I think everyone would have enjoyed meeting Cindy. Next time. Each one of us has, apparently, married way out of our league.

The main event, held at the Columbia Convention Center, was very well put together. Kudos to Mindy, Jeff and anyone else who was responsible for bringing it all together. My only suggestion for next time: pre-printed name tags - with the ladies' maiden name printed first (as that is how we knew them). As the night went on, I felt awkward trying to read names, because I had a real hard time recalling faces. But once I was able to connect the two together, they were transformed back twenty years, and memories of classes taken together came back.


LJ said...

In another 20 years, you'll need the pre-printed nametags with large font as you all succumb to the far-sightedness of old age :)

Chuck said...

That's funny. In twenty years I'll probably be in bi-focals.

Rick said...

Who are you again?