Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Settling for Mediocrity

"I don't think we need to settle for being a mediocre bunch, although at times we look like that -- most of the time really." Steve Spurrier

Coach Spurrier made this comment about his University of South Carolina Gamecocks, but something about it rung true for me. Isn't it easy to settle for mediocrity? Being mediocre is a safe place to just cruise along and not necessarily get worse, but also not get any better. I can see, in my life, how I often settle for being mediocre in my job, with my family and with my God. Perhaps the effort to remain mediocre is just more appealing than the effort of going the extra mile. It definitely is easier to remain the same rather than change. Maybe I am just getting older?

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Rick said...

We settle for just enough. My college GPA proves it.