Saturday, November 03, 2007

American Girls

Realizing that I missed the Halloween special, here is a picture of Katie and Megan dressed up as Felicity and Elizabeth: American Girls! Both girls hail from the town of Williamsburg in the Virginia Colony.

Felicity, shown astride her horse Penny, is a Patriot, while Elizabeth's family remains loyal to the crown.


Steve said...

My 5-year-old daughter is just now discovering this line of dolls. My neices have the whole set, I believe. Much better than some of the other line of dolls out there, and much better messages for our daughters, wouldn't you say?

Rick said...

Cam's all over that stuff - trying to make sure it holds her attention as long as I can. Good job.

Chuck said...

I had only seen the dolls too, until a few years back. There are series of books out there that my girls have just torn through. And, there is a movie about Felicity that makes for a great Family Movie Night Flick.