Thursday, November 15, 2007

Twas the week before Thanksgiving

Can you honestly believe that next week, the majority of us will be declaring that we ate too much? Personally, I am looking forward to it! Why? Because I will be eating at Grand-mama's House, and she is one good cook.

I look forward to driving down to South Carolina to see her, and each year, I really hope that I get another chance to do so. And my girls love going to see her. They call her house a cottage, but, to me, it has always seemed much bigger. I tell them that her father and brother built that house. I love the idea of watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade more than actually watching it. The kid in me still likes to pull out the adverts from the Sun News to see what toys and gadgets will be sold on Friday. Mom and Dad will arrive before lunch, and Cindy and I "sneak" off in the afternoon to catch a movie down at the beach.

Friday, we leave after lunch to go to Columbia. I am looking forward to having Breakfast with the Boys. I hope this will become an annual tradition with my fellow Spy Hunters/Bloggers Rick, George and Todd (I am sure a plethora of pictures will permeate our respective blogs). That afternoon, we head west on I-20 to Evans Georgia where we will rendezvous with my Grandmother Bryan for a lunch and visit. I wish we had more time to visit my aunts and uncles. Perhaps I just need to schedule one more day. Saturday evening is an optional movie outing, but Sunday is the return to Virginia (heavy traffic and an inevitable detour through NC ~ thank goodness for Tom Tom).

And to think, it is only a week away.


Rick said...

Looks like it'll be a bit cramped if you all drive down on the newly leased horse. Take the corners slow.

Looking forward to Sat. a.m. breakfast - won't be hungry after Thursday dinner yet, but it'll be fun.

James said...

Have a great time with Gramda. I remember grandpa well. We hit it off years ago...