Friday, November 23, 2007

Hitting the Road

The great SC roadtrip 07 is coming to a close as we are preparing for breakfast and the ride home to VA.

Yesterday's breakfast with Rick and George was a blast. Todd, you were missed. I hope that we can start a new tradition for the saturday after thanksgiving.

Pictured here is Selma (as in Hayek) with the Legendary Jeeves.

The trip to Evans GA was brief, and I had a great visit with my Grandmother Bryan. She is doing remarkably well. In the commons area, I did spy a WII, so I am thinking that late at night the residents get together for some WII sports slam downs.

I really had to feel bad for the Gamecocks. Not only did they loose their fifth game in a row, they lost to their in state rival. The hard part was that the defence looked so much better and the offense was being productive. Hopes of one more game is slim to none.

Overall, a great trip. I hate to see it come to an end. Normally, we are back in Cola around July. Hopefully, next year, I can take a few more extended weekends.

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Rick said...

Jeeves had quite an adventure yesteray morning, spending time in the cold with Selma, and then jumping off my brother's big Jeep. Hoo-ah.