Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sit Long and Prosper

Today, Tony and I will drive up to the AMC Theater in Hampton, VA for the second annual "2008 Best Picture Showcase." The five Academy Award Nominees will be presented starting with Michael Clayton (11:00 am), There Will Be Blood (1:20 pm), Atonement (4:20 pm), Juno (7:40 pm) and No Country for Old Men (9:00 pm). I am thankful that my wife understands me.

See you tomorrow!

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Rick said...

I'm envious. The closest we could find was Charlotte - so I'm going to sit at home and watch Michael Clayton on pay-per-view, and maybe In The Valley of Elah and Eastern Promises. The only Best Pic I've seen so far is No Country. I'm a slacker.