Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Smile you son of a …

From time to time, I will post about the passing of a movie actor. Typically, they are somehow connected to Star Wars, but not today. Roy Scheider died Sunday afternoon at the age of 75. For many, Scheider's signature role was Chief Martin Brody in Jaws. Scheider's Brody was the film's everyman, afraid of the water, but ventures out onto the ocean to kill the shark. "Smile you son of a b…." and, of course, "you're going to need a bigger boat" were classic lines. He reprised the role in the sequel, Jaws 2, in which, prior to electrocuting the second shark, exclaims "open wide." Other films that were memorable to me were 2010, Blue Thunder, Marathon Man and The French Connection.

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Martha said...

I was sorry to hear about this yesterday. 75 is not that old. I loved him in Jaws and 2010. Those were my favorite roles of his.

Todd said...

I loved his role in "SeaQuest DSV." He was also very cool in "The Rainmaker." He will remain at the top of my list of Under-appreciated Actors.