Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Black Coffee is a Clear Liquid

Yesterday, I had a lipoma removed from my back at the Virginia Beach Ambulatory Surgical Center. The process was fairly quick, and I did not require General Anesthesia, but they did give me something that schnocked me out. I when I say schnocked, I mean that was the official term that the Anesthesiologist Doctor gave me. One side effect has been that my wife, who has been accusing me of snoring, was finally justified: the doctor and nurses all confirmed that I was sawing some major logs.

How embarrassing!

But, more importantly, I learned that when they tell you "only clear liquids" in the morning, they should be more specific and say no opaque liquids. In preparation, the nurse listed off a number of clear liquids: water, sprite or apple juice, but not orange juice. So, I am thinking that, besides the apple juice, these other items have no color so therefore, those must be clear liquids. And since black coffee has a distinctly black color (hence the name) and is not a juice, it must not be a clear liquid.

There you go folks, a quick look at the rats that run around the wheel that powers my brain.

I had a quick call with my mom after the time of "no liquids at all" and she informed me that black coffee is just fine, just no creamers. This was confirmed with my check in nurse at the VBASC – turns out.



Martha said...

Glad your procedure went well. I had outpatient surgery several years ago, and the best part about it is the stuff they put in your IV before they wheel you down to the OR. They're taking me where? No problem. Don't care where I go as long as I got this stuff in me. Just breathe in when we put this mask on your face - ok. Sure, anything else? That stuff was pure euphoria. Had to be an opiate type of drug - wow.

George said...

How about beer? Is beer a clear liquid? At least Bud, right?

Steve said...

I had some surgery once and was given some pain pills...percodan I believe. I know was schnockered means. I also know what Elvis saw in those things. It's kind of scary what drugs like that can do.