Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Se Habla


First, I have to admit. I am almost neutral on the whole election thing. If life has taught me anything, I might not always be right. And, that's ok. Really.

But. I have to consider the contender for the Democratic Nomination. Because, really, McCain could announce a cure for cancer and nobody (honestly) would care. Would they?

Obama campainged that all Americans should speak Spanish, and that rubs some people wrong.

And, I would agree with them. After all, should we not be encouraging Spanish speaking people to learn english?

But, in a knee jerk reaction, did I miss a subtle point? Did I miss something that, honestly, is a reality? When a local fast food establishment is announcing open jobs in Spanish, am I fooling myself that we don't need to be able to communicate in another language?

Fundamentally, I agree with him, but, I just don't think this needs to be a political issue.

This guy really intrigues me. I don't think that I can vote for him, but, if he gets elected, is that the worst thing that could happen?

Perhaps not.

So. Here is my joke. I made it up myself, and I am very proud of it. Tonight I was sitting in Patient's First with my Daughter watch Lou on CNN.

According to a poll, 83% of the polled said that English should be declared the official language of the United States.

The remaining 17% said "Que?"

Thank you. I am here all week. Tip your staff.


George said...

Now that IS a good Joke!

Rick said...

Vicki snorted her milk when I read it out loud.

James said...

I read this with the final scene of "2001: A Space Odyssey" playing on TV. Needles to say, the musical enhancement to the reading of the joke elevated my overall experience beyond what you may have intended.

Steve said...

Great joke. Honestly, how many people can honestly say they MADE UP a joke. Hats off to you.

Chuck said...

All those nights of watching Conan O'Brian has finally paid off.

Todd said...

Carlos, you rock. I blew a snot bubble as I laughed.