Monday, March 23, 2009

A Box of Nothing.

At ASBC, we are doing a topical series on Men and Women. What is great is that our interim teaching pastor is bringing fresh perspective and presentation to this topic.

He used a great metaphor to illustrate how men think. Our brain is subdivided into little boxes. In one box might be work, in another there might be family, and in another sports. The main point is that these boxes are fairly separated, and generally do not mix when compared to women. Their brains are like the World Wide Web in that there are soooo many touch points between their boxes. But men have one special box, that women do not have. It's the nothing box. So, ladies, when you ask the guy, what are you thinking about, and he says nothing, he ain't lying.

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James said...

Not only is the content of your post so true, that one particular box is often quite large.