Saturday, March 21, 2009

BSG - End to a Good Series.

Battlestar Galactica completed its mission and finally found earth. I am happy to report that I predicted the nature of the end (if not the exact ending) over two years ago. Not hard to do.

I like when a show has a definite story to tell, and knows when it is time to finish up the story. In the case of BSG, Cylons chasing the humans can only last so long, right?


James said...

Oh! What happened???!!!

Steve said...

I watched the first couple of episodes in season 1. Looked good. I missed the rest. One of the fallbacks of living overseas. You miss one and there's no catching up--no reruns. I'm looking forward to getting the series on DVD and watching them sans commercials. Good to know there's an ending and that it doesn't just peter out.