Monday, March 23, 2009

Punctuate This Sentence

Here is an example from sunday's sermon. The pastor put a sentence up on the screens with no punctuation:

A woman without her man is nothing

So, if you are included, please punctuate the sentence to give different meanings.


George said...

I suspect this ISN'T what your preacher had in mind, but here goes:

A woman without her man is @$&*!# nothing ;)

Chuck said...

Don't change the sentence, just add punctuation ;)

Rick said...

He did add punctuation - a @ and a $ and a & and... oh never mind.

A woman without, herman is nothing.

Ferdlings said...

A woman, without her man, is... nothing!

Chuck said...

A women: with out her, man is nothing!

(my captcha is mule butr)

James said...

A woman without; her man is nothing.