Wednesday, May 27, 2009

17 Years

happy-anniversary I probably write the same thing every year, but today Cindy and I celebrate 17 years together. Recalling our 15th, it seemed like we had reached a milestone, now, I am just amazed at how long 17 years is. Putting it in perspective, I told Cindy that she was 17 when she left New York for South Carolina to start college.

We have two anniversaries: the marriage and the wedding. We married earlier than planned so that she could get added to my order to go to Okinawa. I recall standing in line of the JOP in Panama City, Florida. In front of us were two kids barely 18, behind two adults barely sober. And there we were, Cindy in a white dress and me in my Air Force uniform. Two of my AF buddies, Airman Balbas and Hoag witnessed for us.

Traditionally, Cindy and I have fallen out of celebrating our anniversary, but, I hope to change that. Even if we just go out to a nicer than usual dinner alone, I want to do something for her to mark the occasion.

After all, she deserves a medal for living with me for this many years ;)


Rick said...

She does indeed :)

Vicki and I started dating in Fall 1988 right after we had each turned 20 - so here we are at 18yrs married and 20+ together, means that we've been together longer than we were apart. That's the one that keeps messing with me and making me thankful.


James said...

Ah yes - though I do not remember the marriage, I do remember the wedding. (You know, somehow that did not come out quite like I intended it to.)

Steve said...

Congratulations, you two. I remember my life before marriage. I'm glad I'm married. Much more fun.