Friday, May 15, 2009

Star Trek II: The Second Viewing

Since last Friday, I have been trying to talk Cindy into going to see Star Trek. Ok, I also wanted to see it again. Last night, after the kid’s piano recital we caught the 9:20 showing. That’s right kids, mom and dad were out late last night.

I noticed several things this time.

1. 9:20 doesn’t seem like a bad idea. However, getting home around 11:30 and getting up at 5:45 am doesn’t make for a good combination.

2. The Sky Dive Sequence. The trailer shows three bodies plummeting towards some obstacle. As a spoiler, I will tell you who they were – the guy in blue was Kirk, the fellow in yellow was Sulu, and the dude in Red was some no-name security guy who has the explosives to demolish the obstacle.

Guess which one dies?

3. Scotty’s prank – Scotty describes an argument with a professor about transporting a melon between two planets. Not satisfied with transporting fruit, Scotty beams the professor’s prized pet beagle (who has yet to materialize). The professor? One Admiral Archer…Admiral Jonathan Archer of the first U.S.S. Enterprise.

So, today I will pay the piper for the late night outing, but we enjoyed the time together.


Martha said...

Neither my sister or Jim caught the red shirt death - but I brought it to their attention of course! I was telling someone at work Tuesday about the red shirt death - I thought that was a truly classic touch!!

Meg, mom, and Quincy are coming to my house today :). Meg and I are going to see Star Trek again thsi weekend too!!!! I am very excited about seeing it again.

I think Scotty was one of my favorites in the movie. And I just about died when he had the Captain I canna guarantee that she'll hold up - then Kirk said 'Well done Scotty'. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Star Trek.


Chuck said...

I think that McCoy's and Scotty's introductions were my favorite. Also, that last shot of Kirk in the chair, legs crossed, was soooo Kirk.

Rick said...

I leaned over to Vicki and mentioned the red shirt - "which one of these isn't coming back?" - but I missed Archer's dog. Saw it again last night with Trace. Hoping the DVD gives play-by-play on nuances to the old series.