Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Birthday Marathon

Thank you for the 4th Annual Birthday Movie Marathon suggestions. I took one of the suggestions and am running with it: 80's Fantasy Movies. Here is the line up:


Programming a movie marathon is always tricky, so, I thought  that you couldn't go wrong with a comedy at the end.

And, I got my birthday present yesterday: A Samsung BD-P3600 Blue Ray Player! And, I found a deal on Best - Purchase a Samsung Blue Ray Player, and get "Star Trek: The Motion Picture Collection" Blue Ray Disc(s) for $19.99. I watched ST:TMP with commentary by Michael & Denise Okuda, Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Daren Dochterman. Awesome quality.


Rick said...

Nice - and going to pass along the Blu-Ray deal in case it's kosher for my bday in July. Would've made room for The Dark Crystal in there, but LadyHawke holds up amazingly well.

Chuck said...

Dark Crystal was a cool movie. We had watched it not too long ago on Movie Night. I am a little worried about Legend, because of the bunch, I have not see that one.

If the ST Deal is still going online, take a print out before going to BB.

Todd said...

Wonderful lineup, Carlos. Haven't seen LadyHawke in years.

Rick said...

Just now clicked through to read the review of your new blu-ray player. I am now coveting. Thanks.