Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mid-Week Happenings

I was hoping that by Thursday, the Crud would have left my system. Unfortunately, I can not report that to be the case. In fact, the congestion has now entered into my chest, and I can breathe easier, but, I am coughing now.

Got the pool pump running and vacuumed out. Threw some shock in and will take a water sample over to "Polynesian Pools" to see what else needs to happen. Apparently, I can not get the automated pool vacuum hooked into the side of the pool. I am not sure if there was a connector that was removed when the "Pool Guyz" closed the pool in december.

Last night, our small group had a cook out over at Pete’s house. Pete is a great guy and a really deep thinker. He has encouraged me greatly in spending more time reading God’s word. Getting together is a lot of fun, and I am looking to our retreat in two weeks. The fellowship was tainted by the thoughts that Cindy and I had to leave early to make orchestra rehearsal. We had seven trombones and one trumpet. It seems like we have feast or famine (and yes, we have woodwinds and strings). Seven trombones was an unusual turnout. There was one guest and six members were in attendance. There will be more trumpets at the service than at the rehearsal.

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