Sunday, April 09, 2006

Time Change Week Blues

This past week, my body’s internal alarm clock did not agree with the time change. Mix in to that the additional daylight and I had a recipe for getting worn out. By Thursday, I was drifting in and out during work. I couldn’t wait to get home. That joy evaporated when the door knob going into the house from the garage decided to die. It just turned and turned, but no door ever opened. This is a testimony to how tired I was: my first reaction to Cindy was “call a locksmith.” Sure I was going to pay for the service, but I did not want to deal with it.

Also, this past week, we had a guest staying at our house, Paul Geishan. When I was stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Cindy taught at Okinawa Christian Schools. Paul was a missionary in Okinawa, and the superintendent of the schools. Now, he and his family are based in Atlanta and serves with the Association of Christian Schools International. As part of that ACSI, he visits member schools, and this week, he was visiting schools here in Hampton Roads. He graciously accepted our invitation to spend the week with us. So much fun re-connecting with a precious part of our past! It really is a testament to God how he will continue to weave people in and out of your life for the purposes of his Kingdom.

By Friday, I was already dressed and ready to go into work. I was still tired, my head and eyes were already hurting. Add on that dinner at Red Robin included a free “tower of onion rings,” which was quite tasty, but I paid for it later. I went back and forth with Cindy about going into to work. In the end, I called in: our release had hit code freeze on Wednesday and the QA environment had already been configured. Team Members were branching source safe and getting the next release development environment configured, so we were in a good position. I logged into the VPN and talked to the developers and the project co-coordinator in New Jersey (I love my IM). All that was left to do was wait for the locksmith.

Katie had fallen off her horse at riding lessons, and came home with a limp. According her trainer, eighteen more falls and she is a true horse-woman. I really do admire Katie’s attitude about the whole affair. She told me how there was wind, birds and jet noises and that was what must have spooked Domino. The rest of the day, she took it easy. Together, Katie, Megan and I made progress on Kameo.


Rick said...

any tower of anything fried will do me in. i'm pretty good at avoiding that - ever since a disastrous trip to fatz cafe' in the mid 90s. ugh.

Todd said...

I ate at Fatz Cafe and was ill for a week afterward. I also swore off Honey Mustard dressing because of Fatz. But they do have great desserts!

James said...

Do you mean to say that you fixed the broken lock yourself? I do not fix anything myself. My home is a parade of high-paid, professional plumbers, electricians, lock smiths, handymen, dishwasher repairmen, natural gas appliance technicians, garage door repairmen, painters, yard men, pool boys, carpenters, iron-mongers, chimney sweeps, carpet cleaners, and feng-shui specialists.

James said...
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