Friday, June 30, 2006

Identity Confusion

After purchasing my Superman Returns tickets at, I realized that I had not received a Best Buy Reward Certificate in a few months. Sure, that's a leap, unless you've purchased tickets online before and have been directed to the "$15.00 cash back" reward site for shopping at places like Best Buy. So, digging through my wallet for my membership card (ok, someone needs to make a "universal" membership card so we don't have to carry 10 cards in our wallet), I logged into the site, viewed my balance and then wrote a complaint that I have not seen any coupons. I went to my profile to verify the address and what do you know, it was my parent's address. So, my account has my email, my password, but my parents address. I called my Dad, and sure enough, he had purchased a Rewards membership when he purchased his digital camera, and somehow, Best Buy added his information to my account. I am used to the USPS confusing us, but, this is the first time it has happened with a merchant. Let's see how this works out.


Rick said...

used to always get that kinda thing, messing with me and my dad since i'm a junior. but got most of those kinks worked out - at least, i hope he's the one getting the bills while i get the perks.

Chuck said...

Luckily, it appears that someone updated the address. They changed the address back and are re-issuing the coupons. Yeah.

BTW...when growing up in Cayce, the Mayor was also "David C Bryan." We use to get tons of calls for him

James said...

I think my one of the regular callers complaining about the roads and the traffic on 12th street was my dad. My dad was always complaining that when he called the mayor at home in the evenings, the guy preteneded he was someone else.