Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Look, In the Sky!

You know, I am really looking forward to seeing Superman Returns on Friday. I have vivid memories of seeing Superman: The Movie with my sister at the Dutch Square Twin back in 1979. I never saw II or III in the theater, but, unfortunately, saw IV at the Columbia Mall Theaters. I knew that it was a cheap production because it was produced by Golan and Globus (King Solomon's Mines), written by Christopher Reeve (red flag here) and...the nail in the coffin, music arranged by Alexander Courage (Star Trek) based on John Williams original score for Superman: The Movie. For you non-musicians, let me break that last one down: the made the music from the first film fit the movie. Basically, Jay and I did this with Indiana Jr and the Eggs of Doom (if you missed it, you have missed out on one of the greatest adventure films of all time). If I knew there was a real job there, maybe I wouldn't be in Va right now. What a horrible way to end a series.

But, comic book fans fall into one of two camps: DC or Marvel. I usually stand in the DC camp, but I still love Spiderman, Captain America and The Hulk. I really liked the direction that Batman Begins took. It was gritty and realistic. It did not feel like plastic, and that was my major problem with X-Men III: it just didn't feel right, and it definitely did not do justice to the source material. But, Superman takes a special place for me. It was the first comic that my Grand Daddy Bryan bought for me (I still have it) and was the first comic that I bought when I started collecting in college. I never liked when they messed with the formula: when they tried to update him and make him more modern. With the cynicism that comes with age, there was something innocent and charming about "Truth, Justice and the American Way" even if all three of those vary greatly depending on your point of view.

So, I am hoping that Superman Returns brings some of that charm back. We certainly need it.


James said...

Might I add that I also saw SUPERMAN THE MOVIE at Dutch Square Mall in 1979, with my Dad and Sister, and they outvoted me - I had wanted to see THE LORD OF THE RINGS that night instead. (I later saw the animated LOTR at Spring Valley Theaters with Peeley). Ahh, yes, Irwin Fuller, we hardly knew ya!

Chuck said...

Wow! I had forgotten Irwin Fuller. For some reason, I was thinking Roth. It is funny how sometimes you can remember where you were based on what movies you had seen. As it turned out, didn't your Dad like LOTR? I remember you guys had it on disc.

James said...

Ah, the old RCA magnetic disks. Dad humored me, of course. I took him to the Peter Jackson version and he slept through most of it. He was never charmed by hobbits.