Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Side of Brunch, Without the Brunch Please

During my recent trip to SC, James, Frog and I went to the Vista to take in some brunch. Guess what? No brunch on the Vista! We ended up having a breakfast at the "Ye Olde" IHOP. Somehow, brunch just sounds nice: not quite lunch, not exactly breakfast. Brunch. Mmmm. However, IHOP conjures images of stuffing people into boothes and cramming your mouth full. After Brunch, your pants can still buckle; after IHOP, you are going for the sweatpants. Perhaps next time, I'll put my trusty Google to use, or at least get recommendations from the cashier at IHOP.


James said...

You and Frog are welcome to attend brunch with me in Seattle at any time - my treat.

Todd said...

That, sir, is a a manner of speaking. May we also visit the keg for a nightcap?